A Beautiful Day

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After an incredible day of global action, photos and videos are still coming in from around the world — submit yours here. Below is the emails we just sent out to our global email list. If you’re not getting our emails, you can sign up here.

Dear friends,

I’ve just come from the Moving Planet celebration here in San Francisco, California — it was great fun watching people converge on skateboard and bike and kayak from around this beautiful city. It’s even more fun back here at the crowded, noisy 350 office, hunched over my laptop and watching pictures stream in from absolutely everywhere.

The crowds around the world are enormous, and the energy is infectious. To give you a sense of what’s been happening around the world, here are a few images that have already arrived:

Images from around the world. More at http://www.moving-planet.org 

                   See more at www.moving-planet.org

You can see lots more images on the Moving Planet website — the slideshow on the front page is not to be missed. People got moving for bold climate action in every corner of the earth today: from the massive crowds at major cities throughout the USA to the human flood in Cairo, Egypt to bike parades and rallies and protests and teach-ins all over the world. 

If you have photos from the big day, please send them as attachments to photos@moving-planet.org (only one per email, see additional instructions here), and if you have video you can upload it here. Our 350.org team is pulling together a global mosaic of images and videos to deliver to world leaders and share with our network, and we want to make sure everyone can see what you’ve been up.  

I’m tired, but I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight — thanks to many of you, there are just too many pictures to look at, too many great stories to read. This growing movement put the planet in motion today. It will take a lot of work in the future to keep it moving, but for now just relax, and savor the wonder and joy of this incredible day.   

With gratitude,  

Bill McKibben for the 350.org Team  

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Renewables defeat fossil fuels!

We’ve had a victory here in New Zealand for renewable energy - Green Party Member of Parliament Kevin Hague defeated Greymouth Mayor Tony Kokshoorn in a Moving Planet debate last night, titled “What future fossil fuels?”. Hague, speaking in support of moving beyond fossil fuels eloquently made his case in a tense atmosphere - Greymouth is at the center of New Zealand’s coal industry, located on the Westcoast of the South Island. The New Zealand government has plans to expand coal mining on the Westcoast, so this debate and the outcome is more important than ever. 

Hague summed up his winning points for us: "The universal experience of coal mining towns is that they remain poor and their populations sick - for the sake of jobs we trade environmental destruction, the terrible toll of mining disasters and poor health for the sake of someone else’s profit. We can honour the rightly proud history, culture and values that miners have represented while forging a new sustainable future."

Great stuff Kevin - we couldn’t agree with you more!

Moving the planet: The beat quickens in Buenos Aires

Matias Kalwill and David Byrne on the musician and bike activist’s recent trip to Argentina.

Buenos Aires Moving Planet organizer Matias Kalwill was just interviewed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian about the events planned for his city tomorrow - here are a few excerpts, or read the whole interview here.

SFBG: What inspired you to get involved?
MK: The chance to put on a high impact action connecting bikes and sustainability. The opportunity to share a common effort with people from all over the world. Bill Mckibben’s work, wich is amazing. Previous 350.org’s events in which I participated. The idea that we could share what’s happening in Buenos Aires with the rest of the country.

SFBG: What does your city have planned for Saturday?
MK: We will be doing live art and music and conferences and personal workshops in the Plaza Luna de Enfrente, and then a ride to deliver a project proposal to representatives of the National Congress. The proposal aims to have urban cycling declared “of interest for the sustainable development of the country” by the Congress and can be read here. If eventually this project is approved by the Congress, it will become a tool for local bike advocates, politicians, and activists all over Argentina. Awesome!

Moving Planet on national TV in Ecuador!

Organizers and local cycling advocates in Ecuador landed a 30 minute segment on national TV in Ecuador about their Moving Planet event, providing a big boost to an already powerful march and cycle rally tomorrow!  Tomorrow, rain or shine, they’ll be cycling and marching the streets of Quito to demand better urban transportation policies that favor bikes and public transit over bikes.

Best of luck tomorrow, Moving Planet Ecuador!  You can find the clip here.

Guess who met the chief minister?

The 350 team in Hyderabad, India did not wait long and fixed up an appointment with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. A state which is currently caught up in a 50 year old imbroglio of its people calling for a separate state is also facing another critical issue in the form of massive coal fired power plants.   

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy

These energy plans based on fossil fuels (coal) have serious implications for the people of Andhra and India. Here is a copy of the memorandum submitted to the minister by the team, urging him to choose the renewable energy pathway.

A petition is currently gaining numbers and once we reach 5000, the team will submit the signatures to the minister again in October.  

Moving along!

Poetry in Motion

That’s the name of one Moving Planet event in Farmington, Maine in the United States, as well as the theme for 100 Thousands Poets for Change, an exciting initiative also coordinating worldwide action this Saturday.  There are over 700 events in 555 cities in over 95 countries around the world - poetry readings, slams, and other literary events to promote “serious social, environmental, and political change”.  

Many Moving Planet events are already overlapping with these local events, and if there’s one in your area, we encourage you to link up if possible!  We know that we need artists, poets, communicators to help inspire and paint a vision of a different future - a future beyond fossil fuels.  We can’t wait to share the results from this weekend with our friends at 100 Thousand Poets for Change!

Moving and cute

Some of the early actions are already underway around the world. Israel jumped ahead yesterday even, and a few other events are on the move today, including Cairo, Egypt (photos coming soon).

Two events that just sent in their photos are a kids march in Macedonia…

And Infosys employees in Bangalore promoting ways to get to work sustainably…

Where next? —> www.moving-planet.org

Read Behind the Smiles

We’re so close to the launch of Moving Planet - and it’s going to begin in a truly moving way. At 6am, as the sun rises over the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, people will gather in the village of Popua. In fact they’re already there - they’re camping out for the night in Popua because it is one of the most vulnerable villages to the impacts of climate change. It will start with a blessing by the village priest, followed by songs by the village choir, and then what follows is your part - thousands of actions and rallies in 176 countries. Feel the solidarity.

sites/all/files/350_tuvalu.jpgWe’re about to see a lot amazing photos, the first of which will flood in from the 18 Pacific Island states. They’ll probably be smiling a lot - the Pacific is a friendly place - but we have to read behind the smiles. Because behind those smiles there is anger, frustration and fear. In places like Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands, they will be wearing red because red is the colour of emergency. And in their words “We only survive at 350ppm”.

Meanwhile in the Marshall Islands they will rally down the length of the atoll demanding action from world leaders, in Nauru, the Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea bikes will swarm over the roads. And all of this will be done with the intensity of feeling that our Pacific Moving Planet Coordinator Ewan Cameron in Samoa sums up:

"On Saturday, in a unified voice we the Pacific will shout as loud as we can at the injustice imposed by the big polluters and the fossil fuel addiction, the root cause of the current climatic problems, and future climate problems for our generation and the future generations living in small islands. I wish to see President Obama be the aspiring leader he was born to be, and the country he grew up to lead. Mr President, commitment would be a powerful, and historical milestone and an inspiration to all of us. Be the person who leads from the front of the pack and not from the back."

So it’s with that passion that we have to get this planet moving! Done reading? Let’s get to it!

The city is for people not for cars!

Today we celebrate the World Car Free Day (WCFD) and in two days Moving Planet will shake the big polluters! It is no coincidence that Moving Planet is happening on Saturday. What best illustrates our dependence on fossil fuels than a street crowded with cars?

In São Paulo, which has the largest fleet of cars in the country (responsible for most of its greenhouse gases emissions and air pollution of the city which reduces life expectancy of people living in the city), we participated in a big “living parking” spacedistributed moral fines “World Car Free Day - I didn’t make it” for people who went out driving today and also invited people to our Moving Planet Parade.

Check out the pictures below and some more here.


Early birds in Israel

Our friends at Tel Aviv Rollers were too pumped to wait all the way until Saturday, so they got moving already last night! Check them out cruising through the city:


And here’s the report sent in by the team:

"We have gathered for an hour prior to the long route for explenation of the 350 idea and for some speeches. We did a competition for the best green outfit as seen in the pictures. We have called our government and politicians to take seriously the next comming conventions at Panama and Durben SA, in order to lead the nations towards an ambitious agreement. We took off to a 25KM route in the streets of Tel Aviv, led by our team and the Rollers unit of Tel Aviv police.”

Can’t wait to see lots more of this this weekend! —> www.moving-planet.org